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"If you consider, you will see that one of the reasons for the desire to accept a belief is fear.

If we had no belief, what would happen to us?

Shouldn't we be very frightened of what might happen?

And is not this acceptance of a belief the covering up of that fear - the fear of being really nothing, of being empty?"

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief

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"Suppose you assume, as most so-called religious people do, that there is in you, fundamentally, deeply, the essence of reality;

and that if,through cultivating virtue, through various forms of discipline,
you can get into touch with that reality, then the required transformation will be brought about.

Is not this assumption still part of thought?

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Power and Realization

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" long as we do not understand the process of desire in the form of belief,
there must be contention,
there must be conflict,
there must be sorrow,
and man will be against man - which is seen every day.

So if I perceive, if I am aware, that this process takes the form of belief, which is an expression of the craving for inward security, ...

Can the mind be free from the desire for security?

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief


"I know, I have had experience, it cannot be refuted; my experience is that, on that I completely rely; these are indications of that knowledge.

But when you go behind it, analyse it, look at it more intelligently and carefully, you will find that the very assertion "I know" is another wall separating you and me.

Behind that wall you take refuge, seeking comfort, security. Therefore the more knowledge a mind is burdened with, the less capable it is of understanding."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief

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"Belief is a denial of truth, belief hinders truth; to believe in God is not to find God.

Neither the believer nor the non-believer will find God; because reality is the unknown, and your belief or non-belief in the unknown is merely a self-projection and therefore not real.

I know you believe and I know it has very little meaning in your life. There are many people who believe; millions believe in God and take consolation.

First of all, why do you believe?"

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-16: "on belief in god"


"After all, a cup is useful only when it is empty; and a mind that is filled with beliefs, with dogmas, with assertions, with quotations, is really an uncreative mind; it is merely a repetitive mind.

To escape from that fear - that fear of emptiness, that fear of loneliness, that fear of stagnation, of not arriving, not succeeding, not achieving, not being something, not becoming something - is surely one of the reasons, is it not?, why we accept beliefs so eagerly and greedily.

And, through acceptance of belief, do we understand ourselves?"

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief


"One of the things, it seems to me, that most of us eagerly accept and take for granted is the question of beliefs.

I am not attacking beliefs. What we are trying to do is to find out why we accept beliefs; and if we can understand the motives, the causation of acceptance, then perhaps we may be able not only to understand why we do it, but also be free of it.

One can see how political and religious beliefs, national and various other types of beliefs, do separate people, do create conflict, confusion, and antagonism - which is an obvious fact; and yet we are unwilling to give them up.

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief


"It is really a very interesting problem, this question of belief and knowledge.

What an extraordinary part it plays in our life!

How many beliefs we have!

Surely the more intellectual, the more cultured, the more spiritual, if I can use that word, a person is, the less is his capacity to understand.

Yet we both talk of love, of peace, of unity of mankind, of one life - which means absolutely nothing; because actually the very belief is a process of isolation."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief


"Belief destroys; and this is seen in our everyday life.

Can I see myself when I am caught in this process of desire, which expresses itself in clinging to a belief?

Can the mind free itself from belief - not find a substitute for it but be entirely free from it?

You like to believe there is a God who is carefully looking after your petty little things, telling you whom you should see, what you should do and how you should do it.

This is childish and immature thinking."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Belief